Few of my favorite protein-rich low-calorie recipes

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Finding good low-calorie and protein-rich recipes is hard; when you find one, you definitely want to save it for later. You put it somewhere safe and never let it go. Now it’s my time to share some of my favorite recipes that I do pretty often. Let’s kick this one off with a classic: chicken and broccoli. Some of these recipes go well with some rice, so don’t forget to read my ultimate guide for cooking rice! Time to bring your inner chef to life!

Chicken and broccoli

One of my ultimate favorite sites for recipes is Souped Up Recipes. These Asian recipes will take your home cooking to a new level, and with these, I think you can do better than takeout at home. Chinese cuisine is also quite simple as you can do almost every recipe if you have a few basic ingredients at home and they usually don’t take a long time to make. This American-Chinese recipe is easy to do and makes your Chicken and Broccoli taste better. When I’m making this, I do 6 portions and use 900 grams of chicken. The total calories for a portion are 253, with 36 grams of protein!

You can view the full recipe here.

Chicken Lo Mein

This is another one picked from Souped Up Recipes. Who doesn’t love noodles? These delicious Lo Mein noodles are easy to make, and you can prep your lunch for a whole week at once. The last time I made this, I used 800 grams of chicken and got 6 portions from it. One portion contains around 333 calories, with 37 grams of protein.

You can view the full recipe here.

Sweet Chili Pangasius

Of course, I must mention this, one of my all-time favorites! Really high in protein but low in calories and so delicious. You can view the recipe here. I usually do this when I need something different, which cheers the week. I can highly recommend this!

Firecracker Beef & Brussels

Josh Cortis and the Meal Prep Manual. What a lifesaver! Hundreds of good recipes with good videos. Definitely a site you should look into. Firecracker Beef & Brussels might be in the top tier of his recipes, and for a reason! It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to make, and you get a delicious meal for a whole week.

You can view the full recipe here.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and if you do, leave a comment!

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