It was then the end of the year 2019. I had been working in an office job for years, and my dietary selections weren’t that great. My meals were made from junk food, I rarely ate veggies, and I was addicted to nicotine. I always felt so tired and old, and I was only 34 years old. It got so bad that a mile walk felt like an impossible task. It required all my energy, and it felt that it was just easier not to go. You know, why bother when you can just sit down? I needed to make a change. My daughter was growing up, and I knew I had to be able to be more active in the future for her too. So couch-dad wasn’t an option. I wanted to feel better. I just wanted to be able to do things. There was only one problem; I didn’t know where to start.

Enter my brother. He came to me with a challenge in which we would compete which one of us could drop more body fat in 4 months. The loser will buy a bottle of Scotch. Great! That kick-started my journey to better health. I won that by lowering my body weight by more than 10 kilograms; I must say, whisky has never tasted better. I was again within healthy body fat limits, and I was able to do things again. I wasn’t tired all the time; I had energy! 

Now it’s time to share this ongoing journey with you. I will share the guides and hints I have learned and will learn regarding nutrition, recipes, and physique development. I hope this blog gives a starting point to your journey and helps you on your way to feeling better.

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